FAQs About Breast Augmentation To Get You Ready For Your Procedure!

A lot of people are interested in getting a breast augmentation, but they have plenty of questions that need to be answered before they pull the trigger on these plastic surgery investments.

It’s completely normal to have concerns/questions about breast augmentation procedures when you’re in the initial planning stages, so what we’ve done is team up with the Smith Surgery team based in Las Vegas to provide this list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers about breast augmentation.

So keep reading on to see if your breast augmentation questions are answered below!

What exactly is a breast augmentation? 

To put it simply, breast augmentation surgeries provide patients with a change in the overall volume of their breasts. These results are created via complex procedures like fat grafting or via cutting-edge products like implants.

What can I expect from my breast augmentation consultation appointment? 

When you meet a prospective plastic surgeon during a consultation appointment, you’ll likely discuss what your personal goals are and what you can expect from breast augmentations in terms of costs and post-op recovery.

You’ll also likely go over what your best implant options are, and many times patients will use special garments to “try out” different implant sizes to see what feels best for them.

What’s the typical cost of a breast augmentation procedure? 

Breast augmentations can vary when it comes to overall costs, particularly when it comes to implant choices and specific surgery requests. However, even with all of the variables associated with plastic surgery, you can generally expect a breast augmentation procedure to cost you anywhere from $7,000-10,000+.

How do plastic surgeons expect to be paid?

Because plastic surgeries tend to be pretty pricey, most plastic surgeons will simply request a 25% upfront payment in order to get you in their schedule. Most patients will opt for a financing plan that breaks up the remaining 75%, but usually this balance will need to be paid in full within a few weeks after the surgery occurs.

Although most cosmetic procedures aren’t covered by traditional health insurance providers, plastic surgeons will generally help patients with payment plans that work within their personal budgets.

What are the differences between breast implants? 

Saline and silicone tend to be the two most commonly used materials of all breast implants, and patients usually will have to trust their own personal preferences when it comes to knowing which implant material feels right for them.

Breast implants also differ from one another by shape, because some implants will be teardrops and others will be round. Teardrop implants usually look a little more natural, which is why more patients are choosing this shape in recent years.

What exactly goes into the procedural costs of breast augmentations? 

Breast augmentation procedures are always very complex and will require all sorts of pre and post-op needs. Some of your procedural costs will go towards things like anesthesia, surgical materials, and compression garments.

Prescription medications are typically not covered in your procedural costs, but they may be necessary during the first few days after your surgery.

What does the recovery entail? 

Breast augmentation patients will always need someone to help drive them home after their surgery, and this is because you’ll be coming out of anesthesia. It’s also advised to have someone help the patient during the first 24 hours after the surgery takes place.

Patients will then be on pain medication for about 2-3 days after surgery, and driving will again be an option after the pain medication is no longer being used. Patients will often need to wear compression garments for about 5-6 weeks after surgery, and they’ll also need to avoid extreme exercise during this same time period.

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Breast augmentations have grown in popularity throughout the United States in recent years for all sorts of reasons, and the advancements in technology are why more and more patients are interested in this type of cosmetic procedure.

It’s natural to have questions when you’re considering a breast augmentation, so go through the link at the top of the page and speak directly with the Smith Surgery team to get all of your concerns addressed!