What Exactly Is Plantar Fasciitis?

Plantar fasciitis is a health condition that usually occurs when the plantar fascia, the strong band of tissue that supports the arch of one’s foot, gets inflamed or irritated. Despite the fact that plantar fasciitis usually develops without a particular reason, certain factors usually lead to the condition. These factors include tight calf muscles, obesity, repetitive running, and increased participation in body-stressing activities. Thus, if you are obese, participate in body-stressing activities, run frequently, or simply have tight calf muscles, you’re likely to suffer from plantar fasciitis at some point.

Get Treated At Yeargain Foot & Ankle-The Leading Podiatry Clinic In Dallas

According to several health specialists, plantar fasciitis is one of the most prevalent conditions in the country. This is because this condition normally affects over 2 million Americans on an annual basis. If you’ve been feeling pain on the bottom of your foot near your heel after exercising or participating in an involving activity and pain with the first steps after a long duration of rest, you’ve likely got plantar fasciitis. However, these are just symptoms. For a proper diagnosis, you should get checked at a certified clinic.

Dallas is home to several clinics that specialize in handling foot and ankle injuries. It’s worth noting that even though all these clinics usually claim that they are the best at what they do, the truth, as a good number of Dallas residents have sadly learned, is that this isn’t always the case. To avoid such a predicament, when searching for a clinic to have your painful heel diagnosed and treated at, you should ensure that the clinic you select truly offers impressive foot and ankle diagnoses and treatments. Yeargain Foot & Ankle is one such clinic. Located opposite the Baylor University Medical Center, this clinic has, over the years, adequately diagnosed thousands of Dallas residents suffering from heel pain and offered them excellent treatments. As this is the case, in the opinion of many residents, this clinic is the best podiatry clinic in Dallas. If you choose to get your painful heel looked at at this clinic, here are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy.

Professional Care

It’s usually advisable that you ensure it has well-trained and experienced professionals before settling on a given clinic. Ensuring your clinic of choice is home to several well-trained and experienced professionals is in your best interest because these professionals usually take care of their patients better than their lesser trained and inexperienced counterparts do. Yeargain Foot & Ankle Clinic boasts of having hired well-trained and experienced foot and ankle specialists. Thus, it’s safe to say that at this clinic, you will be well taken care of.

Access To State-Of-The-Art Medical Equipment

Across all industries, equipped professionals usually deliver better services than their ill-equipped counterparts. As a clinic, Yeargain aims to offer all its clients the top-notch services they deserve. As such, unlike many clinics, it has assembled a number of state-of-the-art equipment. The equipment, such as MRI machines and X-Ray machines, have enabled the clinic’s doctors to diagnose their patients quickly and accurately. Thus, if you choose to get your painful heel treated at this clinic, you can rest assured of being correctly diagnosed within no time.

Personalized Treatments

When searching for a podiatry visit to have your painful heel checked, you should look for one where you’ll be provided with a personalized treatment. This is because if you get personalized treatment, you’re likely to heal faster. At Yeargain Foot & Ankle, podiatrists usually afford each patient a treatment regimen that suits them. Hence, if you choose to get treated at this clinic, you can count on being put on a treatment plan that’ll work best for you.

Devoted Service

Not all clinics genuinely care about the well-being of their patients, as some usually view their patients as nothing more than cash cows. At Yeargain Foot & Ankle, the interests of the patients are always put first. Therefore, if you select this clinic as your Dallas podiatric clinic of choice, you’ll enjoy devoted service.

Your clinic of choice should be one that you can count on. Given that this clinic has proven countless times that it can be counted on, if this clinic is the right one for you you’d like to have your painful heel treated.