Healthcare in the Wake of COVID-19: How Health Carousel is Pushing For Nursing Sustainability

Health Carousel was founded in 2004 to address what was then considered a chronic and enduring shortage of credentialed healthcare professionals in the United States of America. The efforts of Health Carousel at the time were prescient and can largely be cited as their reason for prominent success throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

A professional provider of workforce solutions in the healthcare space, Health Carousel aims to help healthcare facilities overcome a lack of staff and resources due to issues such as overworking, human error, extensive patient waiting periods, and a lack of accessible professionals. In short, Health Carousel aims to help improve lives while improving the healthcare experience for both provider and patient.

One of the most important resources in the fight against global staffing shortages, Health Carousel is pushing for sustainable solutions as the world course corrects in the months and years following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Introducing Health Carousel

Based in Cincinnati, Health Carousel employs more than 600 internal employees while collaborating with more than 3,000 healthcare providers throughout the world. A litany of services allows Health Carousel to provide innovative solutions when timelines are important and facilities are feeling the pressure.

Creating this fluid pipeline, in essence, gives facilities the chance to respond to issues as they are presented, all without having patients and professionals bearing the brunt of the burden. How does this happen so effectively under the Health Carousel umbrella?

Let’s take a closer look

International Efforts with Health Carousel

With COVID-19 taking up so much of the global oxygen, healthcare services have been exhausted by attrition within their ranks as well as from without. To help address facilities that have been hit hard by both short-and-long-term staffing shortages, Health Carousel introduced its Travel Nursing program to give these facilities access to credentialed professionals.

Through the Health Carousel Travel Nursing program, Health Carousel deploys a giant network of credentialed and qualified professionals while providing housing, travel, and cutting-edge technology. More than just deploying resources, Health Carousel ensures that each company is matched with the personality and specialty that their location requires.

Right now, Health Carousel is focused on its signature PassportUSA program as it expands its international recruiting efforts. Health Carousel currently prides itself on showcasing the “largest network of highly qualified and credentialed global healthcare professionals.” Throughout their efforts, Health Carousel International also maintains rigorous standards for ethical global recruitment practices. In doing so, Health Carousel has earned the Gold Seal of Approval from The Joint Commission.

The PassportUSA program is currently helping to rejuvenate a Philippines that was hit harder than most by the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to their high impact, a lack of healthcare professionals has been the result. Health Carousel and Health Carousel Philippines have united to provide master training and other extensive educational services to help ensure that more than 20,000 nursing professionals are ready for the field.