How to Be a Responsible Consumer of Recreational Cannabis

Authorities highly regulate the cannabis industry, but at the same time, it’s becoming more popular, and the use of cannabis is becoming more acceptable. However, one thing that all recreational cannabis users have to consider is the responsible consumption of marijuana. Equal amounts of marijuana may cause different effects to different users.

There are factors to consider while engaging in responsible consumption of cannabis.

1.     Consider Your Right Dosage of THC

THC is the active ingredient in cannabis that causes high; hence the more THC you take, the higher the chances of impairing your coordination and judgment. Therefore, you should consume cannabis products with high HTC levels slowly and in small amounts to avoid overdosage. You can search online for safe products from Star Buds southeast aurora Colorado with the exact dosage.

The body breaks down edibles infused with cannabis differently from how the body metabolizes the cannabis you smoke or inhale. The body takes time to digest and assimilate cannabis edibles. Hence the user takes time to feel the effect of cannabis taken in the form of edibles. Consequently, there’s a high risk of consuming an overdose of cannabis in edibles. Therefore, you should take small amounts of edibles and wait for about one hour before taking more edibles if you are new to cannabis edibles to avoid overdosage.

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2.     Take Care When Inhaling Cannabis

The use of vaporizers to inhale cannabis is considered safe. However, you should be cautious and ensure you use only quality vaporizers from registered Cannabis Dispensaries for your safety. Some poor-quality vaporizers may heat cannabis at very high temperatures produce dangerous substances.

3.     Do Not Drive After Taking Cannabis THC

You should not get behind the wheel if you consume cannabis with high content of THC. It would be best to get advice from Star buds about cannabis products that are safe to use and drive. You should take at least 24 hours after taking cannabis with high THC to get behind the wheel. The high content of THC can impair your judgment, affect your reaction time, and also interfere with your concentration on the road.

Driving under the influence of cannabis drugs is illegal, and the penalties are harsh. Be safe on the road by keeping off the road when you are under the influence of cannabis THC.

4.     Avoid Use of Cannabis when Pregnant or Breastfeeding your Baby

You are advised not to use cannabis when pregnant, breastfeeding, or when you are about to get pregnant. Cannabis can negatively affect your unborn baby or the breastfeeding baby.  When you consume cannabis, it can reach your child through the placenta into the bloodstream, breast milk, or even through secondary smoke. A single intake of THC can stay in breast milk for weeks; hence you must be extra cautious. THC can impair the brain of a child and impair normal development. If you are using cannabis and are about to get pregnant, you should talk to your doctor for an alternative.


The benefits of marijuana are many and great; however, you can not underestimate the importance of responsible consumption of cannabis. Responsible use of cannabis products means proper consideration of the environment as well as taking care of your health and that of your children. Children can easily confuse cannabis with other food substances. Hence store cannabis safely away from children. Enjoy your cannabis responsibly.