Most Common Cosmetic Procedures In America For 2022!

Cosmetic surgeries are alive and well in the United States in 2022, and a lot of people have been investing in these procedures throughout this year as a way to comeback after the pandemic caused many delays and setbacks.

But it’s safe to say that people are still very much interested in cosmetic procedures of all types, and we’ve teamed up with Dallas Surgical Arts to provide this list of the most common cosmetic procedure that occurred this year throughout America. You can learn more about the Dallas Surgical Arts team by going to their website here:

Below are some of the common cosmetic procedures from the past year:

Breast Augmentations

By far the top cosmetic procedure in America throughout 2022 was breast augmentations, and it makes sense why breast augmentations continue to be a really popular option for countless women everywhere.

Many women simply want to change the overall size or shape of their breasts, and breast implant technology has improved drastically in recent years.


Dermabrasion is another very popular cosmetic procedure in 2022 for its ability to sand down a patient’s skin. This is an effective treatment option because it helps heal and replace new skin, which then makes an individual’s skin appear much smoother.

Dermabrasion treatment is often utilized for aging spots, acne, sum-damaged skin, skin lesions, wrinkles and much more.


Facelifts have always been very popular when it comes to addressing wrinkled, sagging, drooping or loose skin on a patient’s face. And in 2022, facelifts made a huge comeback as more and more people sought this type of cosmetic procedure.

Neck lifts have also been very popular this year, as well as other facial procedures like forehead lifts, eyelid surgeries and nose re-shapings.

Hair Transplants

One of the greatest innovations within the cosmetic surgery industry for men is hair transplantation surgery, which is also often referred to as hair restoration. This type of procedure can actually provide a permanent solution for baldness, and what technically occurs is that an individual’s hair will be moved to a bald area.

Although this type of procedure may require multiple sessions, the moved hair will ultimately become permanent and the patient will no longer need to worry about post-treatment care. So it goes to show why this is such a popular procedure amongst aging American men!


Rhinoplasty refers to any cosmetic procedures dealing with a patient’s nose, including repairing and reshaping noses. There’s no doubt about it that rhinoplasty has continued to be one of the top procedures in America this year, and there are many reasons why patients require this type of procedure beyond cosmetic needs.

Many people get rhinoplasty procedures to deal with breathing problems, which are often covered by health insurance providers!


Liposuction has also made a comeback in 2022 as many people are trying to lose some of the pesky pounds they gained during the pandemic. Today liposuction has become a very safe procedure to eliminate the excess fat deposits found within an individual’s body.

Liposuction is performed all over patient’s body, and it’s helping people lose weight that is very difficult to get rid of naturally!

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