Pigmentation Removal Treatments

Are you tired of covering those dark patches on your face using makeup? And often wondering why you are getting those? Sun damage, hormonal imbalances, or acne scars lead to skin pigmentation or dark patches on your skin. Pigmentation is a condition that causes ugly dark spots on your skin. You are not the only one who is facing this problem. Nowadays, most women and even men of all age groups are dealing with pigmentation issues.

Your skin has melanocytes cells which produce a pigment known as melanin. This pigment is responsible to provide color to your skin, but if it is produced excessively, it leads to hyperpigmentation or dark patches. Though it is not in any way a life-threatening thing, it bothers people who want to look attractive and young. Fortunately, in today’s time, there are several effective treatments like IPL photo rejuvenation laser treatment for pigmentation removal Melbourne offered by reputable skin clinics like Instant Laser Clinic.

Though there are some home remedies, topical products, and oral medications to treat skin pigmentation as well, if you are looking for the best and quick results, in-clinic treatments are the perfect option.

Here are some great in-clinic pigmentation removal treatments:

  • Chemical peel

It is a skin resurfacing method mainly used to treat skin pigmentation effectively. The chemical peel method can exfoliate dead skin cells and then resurface the healthier and younger skin layer. In this way, the dark spots on the skin are reduced. Trichloroacetic acid, alpha-hydroxy acid, and glycolic acid are used as agents in various peels, depending on whether you require deep, medium, or light peel treatment.

  • Mesotherapy

This pigmentation treatment makes use of injectable agents for treating the dark spots or patches on your skin. The most commonly used agents are enzymes, vitamins, plant extracts, and hormones that have the ability to reduce pigmentation effectively. MCT mesoinjector gun is used to perform the procedure, thus making the process not only painless but needs no downtime.

  • IPL photo rejuvenation laser therapy

It is one of the most effective pigmentation removal Melbourne. It helps to smoothen out the texture and tone your skin as well. This therapy can help in treating age spots, rosacea, sun damage/spots, and other common skin irregularities.

When the laser is used on the targeted spots, it increases collagen production which starts to treat the affected skin naturally.

  • Microneedling

It is a minimally invasive treatment procedure to cure skin pigmentation. In order to perform this procedure, the dermatologist would use very fine needles to puncture into the targeted areas on the skin. But as soon as it is done, your body will begin to heal the punctures. After the micro needling treatment is completed, the meso serums like Ferulic acid peel, Vitamin C, Retinol peel, and Glutathione can deeply penetrate into the skin. And, this can treat the pigment cells effectively.

If you are looking for the best pigmentation removal Melbourne, book an appointment with Instant Laser Clinic today. They offer a complete range of the latest cosmetic procedures with competitive rates and great customer service to ensure that all their customers are happy with the end results.