What Makes Yerba Mate a Healthy Drink for Your Body?

With rising levels of pollution, unexpected pandemics, rising health issues, and sedentary lifestyles, the search for a healthy drink that can boost immunity, help in weight loss, and provide general health benefits is ever-continuing. A yerba mate energy drink may be the solution to all of these concerns. With numerous yerba mate benefits, the drink is nothing short of a magic potion.

Let’s find out more about yerba mate.


What is Yerba Mate?


Yerba mate is a herbal drink that is commonly consumed in South America. It is made from leaves and twigs of the mate plant, which also lends the drink its name. It is a popular beverage to get rid of exhaustion and fatigue. It is also a natural remedy for depression and headaches, among several other things.

A typical yerba mate drink contains the xanthines like caffeine that help energise the body and alert the mind. The drink is also rich in antioxidants, such as polyphenols. Further, yerba mate is a good source of saponins that have anti-inflammatory properties.

What makes yerba mate a must-have for healthy living?

Here are some top benefits of yerba mate:

  • Yerba mate weight loss benefits:

Yerba mate can curb your appetite by making you feel full. It also boosts the metabolism that ultimately helps to lose weight. Studies show that yerba mate helps lower fat cells, which reduces the fat percentage in the body.

Yerba mate is also very low in calories. So it makes for a great drink when you want to lose weight or keeps the extra kilos off. Sipwise beverages like the What If – Yerba Mate Cooler contain only 17.38 kcal for every 100 ml. The drink is also naturally flavoured with sugar substitutes like xylitol and stevia, so it makes for a healthy, non-fattening option. The beverage is 100% naturally flavoured and is certified vegan, too.

  • Yerba mate is a great energy drink:

Yerba mate is often consumed as an alternative to coffee in several countries of South America. The drink contains a decent amount of caffeine that can instantly prep you for a physical or mental activity. A yerba mate tea cooler can be the ideal pick if you are feeling low on energy and need to be alert and attentive. The caffeine present in the drink can help with mental focus. Moreover, the drink contains relatively lower caffeine than coffee or tea. So, you would not suffer from irritability or insomnia that can sometimes accompany coffee.

  • Yerba mate may help prevent infections and boost the immune system:

Yerba mate can effectively prevent infections caused by parasites, bacteria like E.coli, and fungi. This is why the drink is often recommended when suffering from diarrhoea and stomach cramps caused by food poisoning. Further, yerba mate may also inhibit the growth of dandruff-causing fungi, and it may help get rid of skin rashes and scaly skin. The drink has been known to help treat intestinal parasites, too.

In addition to this, yerba mate contains vitamins C and E and zinc that strengthen the immune system. Saponins in the drink also have anti-inflammatory properties that lower the risk of infection and keep the immune system healthy.

  • Yerba mate may increase bone mineral density:

Having a yerba mate drink daily can help increase bone mineral density and lower the risk or intensity of osteoporosis and fractures. Some studies have found that drinking yerba mate can lead to a slower bone loss in the spine and neck.


  • Yerba mate may improve heart health:

Yerba mate has anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the chances of chronic inflammation leading to damage in the blood vessels, heart disease, or complete heart failure. The drink can also lower lipoprotein cholesterol which can be responsible for heart disease. Besides, yerba mate is rich in antioxidants like caffeoyl and polyphenols that improve heart health and fight diseases.


To sum it up

Yerba mate can be a terrific all-purpose drink that can offer energy, taste, and satiety. A yerba mate tea cooler can be an ideal summer drink. Not only is it suitable for social engagements, but it can also be an excellent habit to adopt for your personal health and well-being. However, do take a glance at yerba mate drink ingredients before you pick a drink. It can also be advised to look for options that have no added sugars.